Requirements development and testing

Understanding between a customer and a developing team is a basis of a successful project. We seek for this understanding, in the certain shape of the requirements (needs) of a customer. Working with the requirements is a significant, and sometimes a key part of any "on demand" development. Professional analysts and approach allow LIT to perform whole circle of works with requirements, and outsourcing these kinds of work:

  • development of a concept (a vision) of a software product;
  • collecting the requirements;
  • formalization and analysis of the requirements, development of the models . Way of description of formalized requirements can be different, and depends on stage of the project:
    • in natural language;
    • in the form of sketches and prototypes;
    • with special notations: UML 2, ERD, BPMN, DFD, IDEF, ORM.
  • requirements testing (completeness, consistency, relevance to the real customer needs).