Information system development

Most of the tasks an organization deals with are similar to those of other organizations. This fact creates apportunities for applying effective approaches, so called «best practices», accumulation and transfer of expertise. However, each company has specific features of its external and internal processes. So, set of tasks, the Organization faces in total, and, respectively, approaches to the solutions are unique. We consider this idea as a key principle of our work .

What are the advantages usually expected from automation? They are:

  • revision, simplification, optimization of business-processes, increase their "transparency"
  • increase the consistency of business-processes;
  • reducing the time of operations and routine tasks;
  • increase the communication with customers and partners.

In order to meet these expectations our team do:

  • study customer's business-processes, together with the customer define the boundaries of the system and requirements;
  • choose an approach and methodology;
  • develop the architecture of the system ;
  • develop, customize, integrate software, databases;
  • control the quality and performance of the system;
  • implement the system;
  • help user to learn the system;
  • support and improve the system according to changing needs